About Us


The Tri-County Area Is

  • An area that includes over 700,000 students (44% of Michigan's total student population).Children in Class
  • Responsible for more than $4.7 billion of the K-12 state school aid budget (42% of the total).
  • The counties that rank highest in the state for generation of education tax revenues.
  • Regions 9 and 10 of the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA).
  • Represented by 45 state representatives (41% of the total).
  • Represented by 16 state senators (42% of the total).



The Tri-County Alliance will:

  • First and foremost, support a quality learning environment for all students, ensuring excellence and equity throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.
  • Be a part of a "mighty force," working cooperatively and building consensus with Alliance members and members of all educational organizations.
  • Play a significant role in setting the agenda for addressing high priority educational and legislative issues.
  • Bring strength-in-numbers to focus on mutual educational goals of the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area and influence public policy to implement those goals.
  • Continue our commitment to public education enriched by our region's cultural, social and economic diversity, and to actions that draw our students and their communities together - urban, suburban and rural alike.


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